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Individual physiotherapy is focused on:

a pain in cervical, thoraric and lumbar areas of the spine

a pain in joints (shoulder, elbow, hip, knee etc.) 


a post-injury state (acceleration of convalescence, prevention of complications)

a bad posture (in children) 

state of being before and after various operations 

neurological diseases (stroke, periphetal nerve palsy, multiple sclerosis, infantile brain paralysis etc.)

urinary incontinence 

exercising before and after giving birth

consultation and trainig for autotherapy 

preventive backache educational programs ("škola zad")

recondition group exercising

lecture and research activities

Sport physiotherapy - our workplace offers also specialized services for top sports persons.

Price list

Medical care covered by insurance company

Patients registered at any of these insurance companies have rehabilitation services with prescriptions FOR FREE.

Medical care covered by patient

Rehabilitation therapy for clients without prescription coverage and for clients registered at other insurance companies that we do not have a working agreement with is as follows:

Individual therapy/consultation

Out of system of Medical insurance

500 Kč

30 min.

Individual therapy/consultation

Out of system of Medical insurance 

1.000 Kč

60 min.


100 Kč

Acute treatment/consultation

400 Kč

If you are interested in these services, or others such as Lymphdrainage - Apparat, Electrotherapy, please contact us

Regular clinic hours

Mo - Fri: 7:00 - 12:00 12:30 - 15:30


Phone: +420 602 452 550 

If it is impossible for you to come during regular office hours, I am willing to arrange an individual time when you contact me at the above phone number.